MLM Recruiting Tips To Grow Your Downline lEp.45

MLM recruiting tips to follow if you want to grow your downline. When I first started publishing content about MLM some people started to reach out to me. It’s my belief that some of these individuals wouldn’t have reached out to me had I not been publishing tips on how to grow network marketing business. One individual started to tell me about his first business opportunity and how this was a failure. He discussed how hard it was for him to recruit people for his mlm business. It was so difficult that he eventually quit. It was until months later that someone ask him to try a product that was part of a new opportunity. The difference between the first mlm business and the second mlm business is that the second one he was actually using the product. Whereby the first one he wasn’t using the product. In the first mlm business he was only trying to promote the opportunity but hadn’t used the actual product because he didn’t have a need for it. Contrast that with the second opportunity whereby he used the actual product, liked it and started using the product. Naturally he started having more success as a result of referring others to the actually product. I discuss in this video the difference between the two and how it can actually help you grow your mlm business. Here is the link to get the video training series  https://junioradonis.clickfunnels.com/optin22575794

About the Author Vladimir Adonis

Vladimir Adonis aims to extract entrepreneurship stories (both good and bad) in order to help others along the journey. The stories shared on this podcast will do one of two things. First, it will help those who are already on a journey to keep going regardless of roadblocks. Second, it will motivate those who have been thinking about starting a specific journey to take the first step.

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