Your MLM Product Why It’s Not Selling lEp.53

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Your MLM product or any product doesn’t sell because you are speaking to the wrong audience. I was speaking to a friend a few weeks ago who had just joined a business opportunity. His business opportunity was in the affiliate marketing niche. For numbers sake lets just say it cost about $400 dollars to join his opportunity. He had recently started having a conversation with someone who had been trying to make money through real-estate. His logic was that it cost much more money to make money in real-estate due to the start up cost. He went on to mention how it cost a lot less money to join the affiliate marketing opportunity. Because of this logic he was trying to convince this person to go from the real-estate opportunity to join his affiliate marketing opportunity. The convincing didn’t work and he was frustrating. I had a discussion with him to dissect what the issue was. I pointed out the concept of google and how google serves content to people based on their segment. When someone search how to make money via real-estate they are only served content specific to that subject. This same thing is true for when you are trying to sell someone. In most instances your prospects already have pre-determined desires, and your goal is to build on their desires and not try and create new ones.

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