Your MLM Marketing Campaign Will Fail And Here Is Why lEp.48

Your MLM marketing campaign will likely fail once you have a mixmatch of audience and marketing message. The two things must match in order for you to have a successful mlm marketing campaign. I recall I was teaching a meet up in my local area to business owners. Occasionally I allow my meet up audience to select a marketing topic that they are interested in learning and I will go about teaching it. I recall that in one of my meet up I was going to be teaching the concept of blogging. Later own I was speaking to a group of network marketers and I wanted to introduce them to the concept of blogging. Before I introduce this concept to them I wanted to let them know how the whole blogging thing thad help my business. More importantly I wanted them to know how they can use this as a marketing tool for their mlm business. I told the class how I was able to take a website with zero organic traffic to about 80K annually in organic traffic because I had properly implemented blogging in my business. I went on to say that blogging is responsible for helping me find my ideal target market. I wanted them to understand how some of the work I did a few months ago can potentially bring me leads for years to come. This is a topic I was very excited about. However, I quickly realized that my mlm audience didn’t have the same level of excitement. I believe I had the right marketing message, but it was being presented to the wrong audience. Regardless of how well you might present your marketing message if it’s not being presented to the right audience you will not get any traction. Here is the link to access the video series

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Vladimir Adonis aims to extract entrepreneurship stories (both good and bad) in order to help others along the journey. The stories shared on this podcast will do one of two things. First, it will help those who are already on a journey to keep going regardless of roadblocks. Second, it will motivate those who have been thinking about starting a specific journey to take the first step.

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