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Author Of What They Won’t Teach You: How Young Entrepreneurs Can Find Success Outside The Classroom Shares His Story

Andre Haykal Jr. is a 19-year-old sophomore student at Binghamton University School of Management.

His dream is to reform the education system and to empower the next generation of students through the teaching of self-education, personal development, self-mastery, finding your passion, and building your brand.

He is very proactive and passionate about opportunities OUTSIDE of the classroom. He is the founder and co-host of a top 100 business podcast called Real Talk University, where they strive to educate  college-based audience about such opportunities.

He is also the CEO of XPAND-UR-BRAND, a social media marketing agency driven by real results. Only 6 months into the podcast journey, they have learned the power and potential of building up a brand and a following on the top social platforms.

They help small businesses, coaches, brands, and entrepreneurs to do the same by managing and growing their social media channels, as well as building out customized sales funnels to deliver real results for their clients. In today’s episode he discusses: How young entrepreneurs can find success outside the classroom.

Website: https://www.xpandurbrandagency.com/

The First Thing You Must Do Before Creating A Marketing Campaign

Brendan Kelly is a sales funnel strategist, coach, and consultant, and focuses strictly on the avatar in the sales funnel niche. He gives people insane clarity on who their dream customer is, and how to create marketing content designed to bring in maximum profits. In This Episode he discusses  The first thing you must do before creating a marketing campaign.