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The Circle Of Business Influence l Ep. 17

When I came into this country I didn’t speak any English. The school system helped me by putting me into a program called ESOL, English for speakers of other languages. This program was designed to help me learn the language and get up to speak.  My speed was very slow not because of what they were teaching but because of what I was doing.  Listen to learn the mistake I was making

Marketing For Rabbits l Ep. 16

If you training for the NFL I suggest you to go my hometown and chase rabbits. If that isn’t your goal than you should take a completely different approach.  You should position your content to address the different awareness levels your prospects have prior to making a purchasing decision.  Listen on as I discuss the strategies depending on prospects awareness level.

Business Lessons I Learned From A Milk Crate l Ep. 15

I watched a friend practice his craft under some rough conditions. When I was given those same conditions I took the easy way out.  As a result the skills he learned were 10 times better than what I had. The knowledge he gained allowed him to dominate his competition.  I noticed that having a skill set usually trumps whatever the conditions may be. Learn the right skill and the conditions wont’ matter.

The personality type that makes sales l Ep.14

It appears as though certain personality types are more incline making sales.  Although some people are good at cold calling and phone sales, this isn’t true for some people.  Since I fall on the later I had to go on a journey to figure out how to make sales.

The Come Get Warm Leads Meetup Ad l Ep. 13

I was first drawn to meet up with the goal of learning some marketing strategies that I can employ in my business. I had heard meet up is a great place to meet another business owners learn about specific topics.  This episode discuss my experience in the first meet up that joined

The more content you publish the more leads you collect l Ep. 12

When I was first invited to join a project related to barbers I had no idea what this meant. As the marketing person I needed to find a way to bring value to the project well in advance of the app going live. Listen to discover the strategy I used and you can use to publish content.

Embarrassing Sales Experience And What you can learn from it l Ep. 11

I got what I thought was going to be the best job ever. It turns out that it had a sales component that I couldn’t prevail at.  Sales is very important in the success of business. However, there are things you can do ahead of time to make it easier for you to make the sale.

Negative Impact of the marketing roller coaster l Ep.10

I have experienced marketing roller coaster a few times during my marketing journey. First I experienced this with the first two marketing agencies I heard. Second I experienced this with some marketing courses I have taken. I’m not sure if this was intentional, but I strive to provide as much clarity as possible to my students.

The Value Of Affiliate Marketing l Ep. 9

The value of affiliate marketing
As an affiliate marketer you are the middle man between the person that is delivering the product and the person who is looking for the product. Your role is to connect people who are looking for specific products to the seller.  Each time the seller receives a sale as a result of your referral you receive a commission.  This is one of the best ways to learn how to drive traffic for a specific  industry.  Learning this skill can save you so much money and give you incredible insight

My First Marketing Funnel

When I launched my first marketing funnel years ago I had no idea what I was doing. In fact I was building a funnel without even knowing it was a funnel. Fast forward years later, I now teach other business owners how to create funnels.  Every time I communicate with one my students I usually recommend that they start with a marketing funnel.