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How Anyone Can Start A Business As A Speaker, Coach, Or Author even if you have no experience or talent lEp.37

When I first I got started with coaching I had so much fear and almost quite several time. In this episode I discuss the thing that kept me going. This could be the same thing that is holding other people back from going forward and marketing their business.

I was in that exact same place you are now, so here is my advice

Every once in a whle I meet people who is in the exact place I was in my marketing journey a year or so ago.

Recently I met someone who is was going about their marketing the best way they know how. The issue is they were going about it the wrong way. On this episode I walk through some of the things I would have done differently and the marketing advice I gave them

Why Social Media Marketing Has Not Worked For You lEp.35

I have notice that having the best content around isn’t the best way to make social media marketing work for you. I met a student in my meet up a few months ago who had amazing content yet social media marketing still wasn’t working in her favor. In this episode I discuss the missing ingredient needed to make social media marketing work for you.

How to get marketing results now and later (Plus proof that this works) lEp.34

In this episode I discuss steps you can take to getting results and generates leads..
Here are the 3 things I discuss

1.How to get marketing results now and later (Plus proof that this works)

2. A 3 step process to setting up a blog/website in less than 30 minutes

3.How to legally get content for free without doing any writing

Do You Want To Overcome Your Prospects Objections? Follow This lEp.33

I’m sure you would agree that every prospect has objections. Regardless of what it is you sell people always have objections. Sometimes the objections are obvious and other times they are not. Listen to this episode as I discuss strategies you can use to overcome objections.


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A marketing discovery that saved me 9K and taught me a valuable lesson lEp.32

Discovering a skill that you can put into practice right away is priceless. Too many times entrepreneurs waste time learning skills which doesn’t have any advantage to growing their business.  Early on I made it a point to learn skills that can help me grow as a marketer. Sometime ago I learned such skill which help give me a much needed boost for my business. I was surprise to get the results I got as a result of learning this skill.  Listen as I discuss this skill and how you can use it to your benefit.

A very important first step when building a marketing funnel lEp. 31

I was surprised  to learn that the strategy that I discuss in this podcast worked in the most competitive market.  At first I was just following a few steps after taking a marketing course. Little did I know over time I would get results and position my brand just as other big brands has. Have a listen to learn how you can apply this same strategy in your business. 

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You cannot lose if you include these 3 critical steps in your marketing l Ep.30

There are some foundational things  that you must embrace if you want to have success in your marketing. Often times business owners neglect to include these steps in their marketing. This makes it extremely hard for you to experience the level of success in which you are capable of. When I evaluate someone’s marketing strategy and it’s not working it’s usually because they are not doing one or all of these steps. Listen to this episode and implement these steps and see the difference in your marketing.

The big secret behind successful Presidential campaigns And What you can learn from it l Ep.29

In this episode I want to point out key marketing elements from a successful presidential campaign.  These marketing elements will work regardless of what business you are in because they have been time tested. People have used these strategies 100 years ago and will continue to use them.

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How To Get Unstuck In Your MLM And Network Marketing Business l Ep.28

Although there could be some built in restrictions as it relate to how you can market and promote your MLM business you can still have a lot of success. Often times you begin to bring up the product to your prospect much sooner than you should.  By doing this you miss out on communicating with a large deal of prospects. There are certainly ways to have more effective marketing communications without bringing up the name of your product or service up front. Listen to this episode as I discuss strategies to help you overcome some of these barriers.