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How Coaches And Consultants Increase Their Sales Conversion Rate

Today’s podcast episode: How coaches and consultants increase their sales conversion rate

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Topics discussed in this episode includes what not to do if you want to increase your sales conversion rate

Listen to this episode to learn how to turn more of your leads to sales.

Struggles In Network Marketing Business And How To Avoid Them lEp. 49

Struggles in your network marketing business can lead you to think its time for you to quit the network marketing game? I remember some time I go I started to teach local seo to my meet up group. Up until that time I hadn’t had a brick and motor business show up to my meet up. I was excited and decided that I was going to use this local business (tax business) as a demo to teach and walk through the local seo training. The first session of this training went well and it seem as though people in the class got value from it. The second session went good as well and things seem to be moving in the right direction. When it was time for session number 3 the business owner /type we had been using didn’t show up. At that point I had two options continue to the training session and continue the session with the same business type (local tax business). My other option was to start using my dating site as a demo and continue the training. I decided to continue with the tax business since this was we had been using. Although I was using the tax business as a training demo I was implement the strategies I was teaching in my own business outside of the meet up class. I wanted to implement these formulas in the event that my business can benefit from it. Well, it turns out that these forumulas did work and as result I continue to get leads and phone calls as a result of the work I did in the past. This is true automation because I don’t have to go back and optimize the marketing I did in the past. Here is the link to access the mlm 80/20 marketing system https://junioradonis.clickfunnels.com…

MLM Recruiting Tips To Grow Your Downline lEp.45

MLM recruiting tips to follow if you want to grow your downline. When I first started publishing content about MLM some people started to reach out to me. It’s my belief that some of these individuals wouldn’t have reached out to me had I not been publishing tips on how to grow network marketing business. One individual started to tell me about his first business opportunity and how this was a failure. He discussed how hard it was for him to recruit people for his mlm business. It was so difficult that he eventually quit. It was until months later that someone ask him to try a product that was part of a new opportunity. The difference between the first mlm business and the second mlm business is that the second one he was actually using the product. Whereby the first one he wasn’t using the product. In the first mlm business he was only trying to promote the opportunity but hadn’t used the actual product because he didn’t have a need for it. Contrast that with the second opportunity whereby he used the actual product, liked it and started using the product. Naturally he started having more success as a result of referring others to the actually product. I discuss in this video the difference between the two and how it can actually help you grow your mlm business. Here is the link to get the video training series  https://junioradonis.clickfunnels.com/optin22575794

MLM Success Secrets Discovered Using These Two Steps lEp.44

MLM success isn’t always an easy thing to come by. I recall about a year ago when I was teaching local business owners marketing skills to grow their business. I hosted a meet up and invited business owners to come and learn marketing skills to generate leads and make sales. On that particular I was teaching search engine optimization skills that would allow business owners to gain more traffic to their website. After the session one of the members told me that the lesson taught that day isn’t relevant to him. I asked, how so? Don’t you have a website that you can optimize? He was looking for downline builder tips. He also wanted mlm lead generation tips. He went to tell that he was part of an MLM and didn’t he didn’t have his own website. He went on to tell me how he struggled to get others to join his mlm downline. That’s when I discussed a specific strategy with him that I sure in this video. Here is the link to get the free video training series where I discuss mlm success strategies. https://junioradonis.clickfunnels.com…

How To Sell MLM Products Online With Success lEp.43

How to sell MLM products online is something I compare to selling affiliate products online. There are some built in restrictions that your mlm company give you when selling products and services online. These restrictions sometimes make it hard for you to put up products on a site or sell it outright. I had this same problem when I was trying to promote a product that I couldn’t fulfill on. That’s when I learned the concept of affiliate marketing and how I can create information to draw prospects closer to me. If I create the information than I can do what ever I choose to do with it. After prospects join my email list I can choose how to sell to them without violating my mlm rules and regulation. Here is the link for the video series https://junioradonis.clickfunnels.com…

MLM Prospecting Tips For Long Term Success lEp.42

The right MLM prospecting tips can help you gain long term success as a network marketer. The MLM industry is designed so that you can solve problems. People join you and not the company, which is why solving problems is essential to long term success. In this episode I discuss the concept of the attractive character and how this strategy will set you apart from those who are selling the same thing you are selling. You are unique and there will never be another you, which is what makes the attractive character something others can’t duplicate and copy. Link for the video series, https://app.clickfunnels.com/funnels/…

Network Marketing Tips To Help You Get More Leads lEp.41

Networking Marketing tips from a marketing funnel standpoint. As referenced in the expert secret book you can use information to grow any business. Some people discount the fact that the strategies in the expert secret book can be used to grow business who are brick and mortar or if you sell a physical product. Some network marketing training encourages people to market to their friends and family. This is not a viable strategy. You will end up burning and hurting valuable relationships. Instead I teach network markers can use proven marketing strategy to sell their product and grow their downline. Here is the link for the video series, https://junioradonis.clickfunnels.com…

People Started To Ask Me To Join My Downline Because Of This Strategy lEp.40

In this episode I discuss a marketing strategy that led people to ask me to join my downline. Here is the kicker I wasn’t even part of an MLM or Network Marketing company at that time.  This goes to show once you have the right systems getting people into your downline becomes very predictable.

Here is the link for the free video training:


Reverse Accountability Plus The Secret To Overcome Objections lEp.39

When you decide to work with others they can have an impact on you in ways that you didn’t impact.  As a coach I often as my students to complete specific task that will help them grow their business.  These task are proven and have shown over the years to help businesses move the needle in the right direction.  What I don’t always expect is for them to set those same expectations back on me. In this instance I’m glad they did, because its something I should be doing anyway.  Listen to this episode to learn what this is and why you should be doing the same. Plus I discuss the secrets to overcoming objections.

You Will Not Suck Forever (Plus A Secret Marketing Lesson) Ep.38

In this episode I discuss a strategy you can use to get unstuck. In addition I discuss how data can be the one thing you are properly leveraging in your business. Some business owners are making this mistake without even realizing it.

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