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You Are Not Good Enough Here Is Why

Today’s Podcast Episode: You are not good enough and here is why

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Topics discussed in this episode includes how to shift your mindset so that you can achieve what are set out to do


A Unique Way To Connect With Your Audience And Create Raving Fans

Andy Neary is  a former professional baseball player and a 20-year veteran of the health insurance industry, He has learned the significance mindset plays in achieving success. Confidence, competence, and a clear course of action provide the roadmap for any successful journey. He wake up each day with a growing passion to help people and companies break through the mindset barriers preventing them from reaching their goals. He specialize in working with anyone who is ready for real change, by showing them how simple mindset shifts can help turn mediocre expectations into massive success. When you have the right mix of confidence, competence, and course of action, there’s nothing in life you cannot accomplish.  In this episode he discusses: A unique way to connect with your audience and create raving fans

Website: https://andyneary.com/

Think And Get Rich After Hours Author Shares Her Technique For Quickly Gaining Clarity

Inspired, empowered and motivated will be how you feel after you experience Pix Jonasson.  Pix is a dynamic, in demand speaker and inspirational teacher.  Pix will teach you easy and effective steps to get you past any of life’s setbacks, let downs and distractions so you can WIN in the game of Success.  Her passionate, raw honesty will take your breath away and her positive attitude towards life will motivate you and enable you to realise your true greatness.  Her vibrant, approachable and infectious style will allow you to walk away knowing all tools to powerfully reignite the desire in your life.  In today’s episode she discuss: She shares her technique on how to quickly gain clarity.

Website: https://www.pixjonasson.com/

The Mindset Disruptor Explains How To Get Paid For What You Are Worth

Jose Flores inspires millions to view life from a new level to achieve unlimited possibilities. Jose’s passion is to inspire, motivate, & empower others to learn more, do more, & become more. His main message is to never let your struggles become your standard. It doesn’t matter whether they’re personal or business, he will show you how to push through until you get through! In today’s episode he explains how to get paid for what you are worth.

Website: https://joseinspires360.com/  

How To Program Your Mind For Success

Matt Moorer 15 years of extensive sales, marketing, and management background. A leader in managing cross company teams efforts through effective and motivating mentoring strategies. Tolerant and flexible, adjusts to different situations. Ability to organize, prioritize and work under extreme work pressure, heavy work load and deadlines. Skilled and thorough in analyzing problem situations and finding creative solutions. Strong commitment, vision and leadership. Successful in mastering new skills through hands-on experience. Strength in analyzing, researching, organizing, and problem solving. Effective working alone and as a cooperative team leader. Progressive management experience including supervision of teams in the United States and Jamaica. In today’s episode he discuss: How To Program Mind For Success

Website: www.mattmoorer.com 

Career Coach Explains How She Went From Unemployment To Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Our client companies, the individuals we represent, and our employees are our priorities,” says Sherquel Sands-Stimac, CEO. “Our objective is to create a diverse, fully integrated candidates that grows for, and around, its constituents. In this spirit, we continue to invest in the business, enhance our service offerings, and expand into new locations. Creativity will always be a part of our identity, and service will always be paramount. 123 Purpose Finders Inc., intends to become the standard in the staffing industry by adapting progressively to changes in the marketplace, investing in its employees, and staying true to its convictions and values. In today’s episode she discuss: How she went from unemployment to successful serial entrepreneur.

Website: https://123purposefinders.org/

How To Resolve Conflict Within Yourself And Begin To Grow

Dr. Cheryl White is an Educator, Coach, Journalist, and Entrepreneur. She is the Founder and CEO of  Conflict Coaches they are an advocate for the needy. She enjoy helping people understand how best to handle workplace, divorce and post-decree situations, community disputes, family disagreements,or business conflicts.  Dr. White believes in objectively using the three perspectives of creativity in conflict: PERSON, PROCESS, and PRODUCT.  In Today’s Episode she discuss: How to resolve conflict within yourself and begin to grow


How To Leverage The Power Of Networking To Reach Endless Possibilities

Amare Amari is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully started multiple successful businesses. He believes that people think themselves into the situation they are in because of the information they are depositing within themselves. In Today’s episode he talks about how to leverage the power of networking to reach endless possibilities.

3 Things You Should Know About Mindset Before Embarking On A New Goal

Ivan Alvarez is a Blind Spot coach.  He helps existing business owners identify their Blind Spots and then he put in place solutions. That way they can begin to either find success for the first time or scale their business. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 1988.  In this episode he discusses 3 things you should know about mindset before embarking on a new journey.