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A Quick Hack To Influence Others And Quickly Grow

Ria Story is empowering women to become the leaders they are destined to be with leadership development content specifically designed for women. Ria teaches leadership and success principles in a real, relatable, and practical way helping you increase your influence, maximize your potential, and claim the life you deserve to live.  In today’s episode she discusses: A quick hack to influence others and quickly grow

Website: https://riastory.com/

The One Thing You Must Do To Influence Others

Abiud Montes is an inspirational speaker and has been speaking for over 28 years. He has delivered riveting messages to audiences all over the nation about leadership that motivates and inspires them that it’s not important to have followers but more important to create and develop other Leaders. Throughout his 30-year career in the United States Marine Corps, he has learned and shared about one of many topics to include Leadership Blind Spots.

Leadership blind spots are unproductive behaviors that are invisible to us but glaring to everyone else. Our behavioral blind spots create dire and unintended consequences: They corrupt decision-making, reduce our scope of awareness, create enemies, destroy careers, and sabotage business results. In good times blind spots are annoying and frustrating; in tough times they can be lethal. In today’s episode he discuss: The one thing you must do to influence others

Website: https://www.abiudmontes.com/