Stop Wasting Time And Focus On This

Do you find yourself doing a lot of things to grow your business, but don’t seem to be getting any results? I have run into this same issue on multiple occasions. There were times where I was just focusing on activities that wasn’t moving the needle for my business.  There is so much that you could be done and often time you are either doing the wrong thing or don’t know what to do at all. In this episode I share with you what you should stop doing. If you want to know what you should start doing to grow your business listen to this episode

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About the Author Vladimir Adonis

Vladimir Adonis aims to extract entrepreneurship stories (both good and bad) in order to help others along the journey. The stories shared on this podcast will do one of two things. First, it will help those who are already on a journey to keep going regardless of roadblocks. Second, it will motivate those who have been thinking about starting a specific journey to take the first step.

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