How To Be More Competitive And Grow Your Business

Being skilled at your service or the thing you offer isn’t enough to be competitive. I speak to business owners all the time who are very good at what they do yet have a hard time attracting clients and making sales. Being competitive requires you to obtain additional skills that will enable your business to grow.  In this episode I discuss what that skill is and how you can obtain to put your business at an advantage instead of a dis advantage. Listen to that episode and implement this skill and find more clients that will do business with you

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About the Author Vladimir Adonis

Vladimir Adonis aims to extract entrepreneurship stories (both good and bad) in order to help others along the journey. The stories shared on this podcast will do one of two things. First, it will help those who are already on a journey to keep going regardless of roadblocks. Second, it will motivate those who have been thinking about starting a specific journey to take the first step.

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