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Negative Impact of the marketing roller coaster l Ep.10

I have experienced marketing roller coaster a few times during my marketing journey. First I experienced this with the first two marketing agencies I heard. Second I experienced this with some marketing courses I have taken. I’m not sure if this was intentional, but I strive to provide as much clarity as possible to my students.

The Value Of Affiliate Marketing l Ep. 9

The value of affiliate marketing
As an affiliate marketer you are the middle man between the person that is delivering the product and the person who is looking for the product. Your role is to connect people who are looking for specific products to the seller.  Each time the seller receives a sale as a result of your referral you receive a commission.  This is one of the best ways to learn how to drive traffic for a specific  industry.  Learning this skill can save you so much money and give you incredible insight

My First Marketing Funnel

When I launched my first marketing funnel years ago I had no idea what I was doing. In fact I was building a funnel without even knowing it was a funnel. Fast forward years later, I now teach other business owners how to create funnels.  Every time I communicate with one my students I usually recommend that they start with a marketing funnel.

Discover the 3 secrets to making quiz funnels work for physical products l Ep.7

There is a way to make quiz funnels work for physical products. I discuss in this episode what those steps are and how you can used them to quickly generate leads using a quiz for physical products.

When should you delegate or automate in order for your business to grow l Ep. 6

There are some unique things you do in your business that will enable you to grow. At the same time there are other things if you continue to do  will hold you back. In this episode we discuss delegating and handing off certain task to other people. There will be task that requires delegation and others that requires automation if you want to see your business grow.

How to get big wins with your marketing from the very beginning l Ep.5

Setting up your marketing from the very beginning will save you a lot of time and money.  It’s not in your best interest to built your website first than focus on the marketing afterwords, take it from me who made this huge mistake.  It’s best to get both going at the same time and build it the correct way at the beginning.

How to set up a marketing funnel to help you book more consultant calls l Ep.4

Discover the proper steps to set up a consultant type funnel.  This will help you get more leads and in return give you the opportunity to engage with more prospects and book more consultant calls.

Simplify your marketing by selling this first and the other stuff second l Ep.3

All the major search engines use this strategy when serving up content. Now it’s time that you apply it to your marketing. Selling and marketing the one thing is the only way to be congruent with how prospects are searching for content. Plus this is way they want to be served, thus it’s in your best interest to align your marketing communication to match what they are looking for.

How Interview’s can grow your email list and quickly make you money l Ep.2

Discover the strategies you can use to benefit from interviews. this puts you at an advantage  because you can leverage existing audiences, grow an email list, and make more money.

How to set up marketing systems and automate your selling l Ep. 1

On this episode we discuss marketing systems that can help automate your selling process. Once your system is  properly set up it can do the heavy lifting for you.

Be ready to gain some useful insight on how marketing systems can help you grow your business.