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The Blueprint To Go From Employee To Six Figure Business

Timothy Simpson is a serial entrepreneur/business coach & speaker who has owned & operated 12 businesses in 7 different industries to include: 2 commercial cleaning franchises, a restaurant cleaning company, a commercial cleaning, 2 tire shops, 2 restaurants, an event planning firm, a digital marketing agency, a lawn care service and several online businesses. I have fired my boss 3 times since age 19, earned millions as a serial entrepreneur, and have helped 1000s of people to start & grow their business. In today’s episode he discusses:   The Blueprint to go from employee to six figure business.

Website: http://www.businesscoachtim.com/

Think And Get Rich After Hours Author Shares Her Technique For Quickly Gaining Clarity

Inspired, empowered and motivated will be how you feel after you experience Pix Jonasson.  Pix is a dynamic, in demand speaker and inspirational teacher.  Pix will teach you easy and effective steps to get you past any of life’s setbacks, let downs and distractions so you can WIN in the game of Success.  Her passionate, raw honesty will take your breath away and her positive attitude towards life will motivate you and enable you to realise your true greatness.  Her vibrant, approachable and infectious style will allow you to walk away knowing all tools to powerfully reignite the desire in your life.  In today’s episode she discuss: She shares her technique on how to quickly gain clarity.

Website: https://www.pixjonasson.com/

How To Identify And Select The Right Digital Marketing Clients

James Kyle May is an  Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.Skilled in Photography, Sales, Instagram Marketing, Videography, and Facebook Marketing. In today’s episode he discuss: How to identify and select the right digital marketing clients


Instagram: @imkylemay

Learn This Million Dollar Technique That Will Help You Generate Three Times More Sales

 David Walter is a top sales trainer and the author of #1 best selling book, Millian Dollar Rebuttal. While attending college David became one of the top calling reps for MBNA American Bank taking over 40 credit card applications on average during each four-hour shift. After college, he took over the marketing for his father’s HVAC business and was able to generate over 1,000,000.00 dollars in revenue by running radio and newspaper ads!

David’s claim to fame came from setting a record of 15 appointments a day every day for 6 months straight while working in the call center of a PEO firm, This is when he got his super powers by tapping into his subconscious mind and became the Super Hero of Cold Calling! Then he started and ran his own call center for 13 years working with some of the largest IT companies in the world and some of them made millions. He has now revealed his secret cold calling formula in his #1 best selling book, Million Dollar Rebuttal. In today’s episode he discuss: A million dollar technique that will help you generate three times more sales.

Website:  www.themilliondollarrebuttal.com

The Mindset Disruptor Explains How To Get Paid For What You Are Worth

Jose Flores inspires millions to view life from a new level to achieve unlimited possibilities. Jose’s passion is to inspire, motivate, & empower others to learn more, do more, & become more. His main message is to never let your struggles become your standard. It doesn’t matter whether they’re personal or business, he will show you how to push through until you get through! In today’s episode he explains how to get paid for what you are worth.

Website: https://joseinspires360.com/  

Do These Three Things If You Want To Advance In Your Work Life Personal Life And Business Life

Barbara Mason helps female professionals get clear on their next career move and define a career strategy to achieve it through her group coaching programs, mentorship and speaking events.

Barbara  truly believes that true job satisfaction comes from a place of being in a career where what you enjoy and what you are naturally gifted in collide. This is the intersection of greatness and where individuals are at their highest potential and have maximized their possibilities. She has a passion for helping individuals find their unique pathway and also developing them in their career. In today’s episode she discuss:  Three Things  you should do  If you want to advance in your work life, personal life, and business life

Website: https://www.careerpathwaysconsulting.com/

Disaster Preparedness Coach Shares Practical Marketing Tips You Can Use To Promote A Fiction Book

Sara Hathaway is eager to help you get started on your disaster preparedness planning journey. Learning self-defense techniques, proper planning strategies, compiling resources and teaching them to others has been a personal mission of hers and she is happy to share what she has learned with you! In today’s episode she discuss: Practical marketing tips you can use to promote a fiction book.

Website: https://www.authorsarafhathaway.com/

How To Use Communication To Positively Influence Others

Laura Knight is  a business writing coach for Business Owners, CEO’s, and Entrepreneurs and helps them improve their business writing skills, as well as general communication and persuasive writing fundamentals.

She is currently packaging her knowledge and preparing online courses to further assist those who wish to learn more about how to communicate and get what they want in a business setting. She also provide workshops and group training for Influencing Skills. Influencing skills are especially helpful when you find yourself without direct authority but need to get work with others to accomplish important task. In today’s episode she discuss: How to use communication to positively influence others.

How To Program Your Mind For Success

Matt Moorer 15 years of extensive sales, marketing, and management background. A leader in managing cross company teams efforts through effective and motivating mentoring strategies. Tolerant and flexible, adjusts to different situations. Ability to organize, prioritize and work under extreme work pressure, heavy work load and deadlines. Skilled and thorough in analyzing problem situations and finding creative solutions. Strong commitment, vision and leadership. Successful in mastering new skills through hands-on experience. Strength in analyzing, researching, organizing, and problem solving. Effective working alone and as a cooperative team leader. Progressive management experience including supervision of teams in the United States and Jamaica. In today’s episode he discuss: How To Program Mind For Success

Website: www.mattmoorer.com 

Career Coach Explains How She Went From Unemployment To Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Our client companies, the individuals we represent, and our employees are our priorities,” says Sherquel Sands-Stimac, CEO. “Our objective is to create a diverse, fully integrated candidates that grows for, and around, its constituents. In this spirit, we continue to invest in the business, enhance our service offerings, and expand into new locations. Creativity will always be a part of our identity, and service will always be paramount. 123 Purpose Finders Inc., intends to become the standard in the staffing industry by adapting progressively to changes in the marketplace, investing in its employees, and staying true to its convictions and values. In today’s episode she discuss: How she went from unemployment to successful serial entrepreneur.

Website: https://123purposefinders.org/

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