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Is MLM A Pyramid Scheme? Former Network Marketer Tells His Story lEp.54

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A few days ago I was having a conversation with someone who said that MLM is a Pyramid Scheme. This individual had tried multiple Network Marketing companies and didn’t have much success. From his standpoint I could understand why he feels it’s though the entire industry is a rip off. He went on to say that the organization made money but he didn’t make any money. I decided to share my thoughts with him and mentioned that companies have two ways to market and promote their business. As an example if I decide to start a supplement company I can use two marketing strategies. One is taking the big money marketing approach. This is where I place I product inside a big store such as walmart or amazon. The other option is for me to go the network marketing route bring out distributors to help me market and promote the opportunity. Those who choose to go the Big marketing route can easily have success due to the amount of money that is put behind the marketing efforts. However the small folks like you and I can’t afford big marketing budget. So we are left with just the marketing skills we are handed once we join the opportunity. And that is the issue, the marketing skill that is handed to a new distributor is old school and outdated. Hence why people who join networking marketing hardly have any success using those models. But wait, there is hope because now a days you can use lead generation strategies to generate leads and make sales on auto pilot. This is one of those things I teach in my training and I invite you to join.