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MLM Prospecting Tips For Long Term Success lEp.42

The right MLM prospecting tips can help you gain long term success as a network marketer. The MLM industry is designed so that you can solve problems. People join you and not the company, which is why solving problems is essential to long term success. In this episode I discuss the concept of the attractive character and how this strategy will set you apart from those who are selling the same thing you are selling. You are unique and there will never be another you, which is what makes the attractive character something others can’t duplicate and copy. Link for the video series, https://app.clickfunnels.com/funnels/…

Network Marketing Tips To Help You Get More Leads lEp.41

Networking Marketing tips from a marketing funnel standpoint. As referenced in the expert secret book you can use information to grow any business. Some people discount the fact that the strategies in the expert secret book can be used to grow business who are brick and mortar or if you sell a physical product. Some network marketing training encourages people to market to their friends and family. This is not a viable strategy. You will end up burning and hurting valuable relationships. Instead I teach network markers can use proven marketing strategy to sell their product and grow their downline. Here is the link for the video series, https://junioradonis.clickfunnels.com…

People Started To Ask Me To Join My Downline Because Of This Strategy lEp.40

In this episode I discuss a marketing strategy that led people to ask me to join my downline. Here is the kicker I wasn’t even part of an MLM or Network Marketing company at that time.  This goes to show once you have the right systems getting people into your downline becomes very predictable.

Here is the link for the free video training:


Reverse Accountability Plus The Secret To Overcome Objections lEp.39

When you decide to work with others they can have an impact on you in ways that you didn’t impact.  As a coach I often as my students to complete specific task that will help them grow their business.  These task are proven and have shown over the years to help businesses move the needle in the right direction.  What I don’t always expect is for them to set those same expectations back on me. In this instance I’m glad they did, because its something I should be doing anyway.  Listen to this episode to learn what this is and why you should be doing the same. Plus I discuss the secrets to overcoming objections.

You Will Not Suck Forever (Plus A Secret Marketing Lesson) Ep.38

In this episode I discuss a strategy you can use to get unstuck. In addition I discuss how data can be the one thing you are properly leveraging in your business. Some business owners are making this mistake without even realizing it.