Traffic and Sales won’t make sense to you unless you understand this l Ep.23

How is it some business owners have a great deal of success from using advertising platforms such as google and facebook. While others blow a lot of money and can never make it work.The very thing that is designed to help you grow your business can be the same thing that becomes a pain in the butt. Listen to this episode to determine how you can make these platforms work in your favor

Do the pre work and avoid blind spots in your marketing l Ep.22

What connects your marketing to your audience? Prework

The work you do before you begin your marketing can be the difference between a successful marketing campaign and one that falls flat. I learned this lesson a long time ago but didn’t know how it applied to other areas of life. I know use this same strategy before writing any marketing campaign. Listen to this episode to see how prework can work in your favor.

You Are Unique And People Are Waiting To Hear From You l Ep.21

You were giving a gift that no one else has. Identifying and utilizing this gift can be your greatest leverage. This is the one thing that others can’t copy, because this gift is unique and specific to you. In this episode I encourage you to find it, use it, and serve the world.

Generating Sales without Hiring a sales person l Ep.20

In this episode, I discuss how business owners can take control and start generating sales without depending on outside sales person.  If you want to avoid the trap of relying on referrals to grow your business than listen to this episode.

When is it ok to repel versus attract customers to your business? Ep. 19

One of the best ways to get great results in your marketing is by repel some customers. Your marketing will be much more effective when you speak to ideal customer.  Trying to speak to everyone is like talking to no one. I recently had to take measures to keep a certain creature from my patio, although this type of animal has a great appeal it was causing me more harm than good.

What is at stake for your customers if they don’t do business with you l Ep.18

I had been giving a template presentation assigned from a corporate office. The issue is this presentation wasn’t addressing the issue that was at stake. My audience at that time was losing money and I needed to modify my presentation in order to get their attention and make it a win win situation for them and the organization.

The Circle Of Business Influence l Ep. 17

When I came into this country I didn’t speak any English. The school system helped me by putting me into a program called ESOL, English for speakers of other languages. This program was designed to help me learn the language and get up to speak.  My speed was very slow not because of what they were teaching but because of what I was doing.  Listen to learn the mistake I was making

Marketing For Rabbits l Ep. 16

If you training for the NFL I suggest you to go my hometown and chase rabbits. If that isn’t your goal than you should take a completely different approach.  You should position your content to address the different awareness levels your prospects have prior to making a purchasing decision.  Listen on as I discuss the strategies depending on prospects awareness level.

Business Lessons I Learned From A Milk Crate l Ep. 15

I watched a friend practice his craft under some rough conditions. When I was given those same conditions I took the easy way out.  As a result the skills he learned were 10 times better than what I had. The knowledge he gained allowed him to dominate his competition.  I noticed that having a skill set usually trumps whatever the conditions may be. Learn the right skill and the conditions wont’ matter.

The personality type that makes sales l Ep.14

It appears as though certain personality types are more incline making sales.  Although some people are good at cold calling and phone sales, this isn’t true for some people.  Since I fall on the later I had to go on a journey to figure out how to make sales.