An Easy Way To Generate MLM Leads Using Social Media lEp.52

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There is a proven method to generate mlm leads via social media. My lead generation method started offline. When I ran my dating website I spent a lot of time going to different night clubs for the purpose of trying to speak to as many people as possible. Since my dating website was about dating and dancing I figured I would find night clubs in my area and go out to as many of them as possible. My goal was to speak with people as they were entering and leaving the night club. I was using this method to try and generate sign ups for my dating website. Eventually I got tired of this method and wanted to use social media instead. So here I was using social media instead. My strategy was to find singles group and get to know people inside of those groups. I started to connect with different people and would push them to my dating website. i was still hustling just like I did outdoor just via online this time around. One day I thought to myself is there any easier way. Because I noticed i was using the same offline methods (chasing and begging people to join my dating website). I was constantly pushing people to join my website. Than I discovered a pull method, this is where I created a free guide. This free guide help my target audience solve a problem they were having. People who downloaded this guided was self identifying themselves as someone who is a good fit for my product. This was completely different from chasing people

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