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How To Effectively Use Email To Grow Your Business

Michael Sullivan writes emails that make people feel something and take action. His writing style generates sales, turns cold audiences into hot and bothered new clients, and builds loyalty with existing ones. He uses facebook ads to grow email list. The money is in the list. In today’s episode he discusses: How to effectively use email to grow your business

Website: https://www.michaelsmarketingagency.com/

How To Consistently Book Top Of The Line Leads Without Wasting Time With Tire Kickers

Steve Martile journey started with training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and becoming a coach with Landmark Education.

It was the training that he started back in 2006 with Landmark where he naturally started coaching others for free.  He fell in love with coaching and as he started to help people make improvements in their lives and get results, he decided he would start his own business and start charging for coaching.

Today, he run a Done for You Marketing Agency, where he help business coaches, speakers and consultants triple their net profits and double their time off by retaining higher paying clients without being manipulative, and without working so hard.

In today’s episode he discuss: How to consistently book top of the line leads without wasting time with tire kickers

Website: https://www.freedomeducation.ca/

Every Successful Person Has Been In A Mastermind, Learn How You Can Quickly Leverage This Powerful Concept

Ronan Leonard looked around for other entrepreneurs like him — who constantly work on and not just in their business — however, he couldn’t find many. So, he joined a Mastermind session and finally found a way to stay accountable, share and receive solid advice, and make valuable connections.

After the session was over, he searched for more consistent ways to connect with like-minded business owners, only to find expensive courses or $300-a-session Mastermind meetings.

He was driven to create Eccountability — the platform that he so desperately needed — with the goal of connecting business owners across the globe, providing accountability and support for a fraction of the cost of what was available on the market. In today’s episode he discusses: That every successful person has been in a mastermind and how to leverage this powerful concept

Website: https://www.eccountability.io/

Two Tips To Run A Successful Marketing Campaign

Effandgee Dambreville helps 6-7 Figure Coaching Businesses generate high quality leads for their High Ticket Coaching Programs using successful Facebook Ads and High Converting Funnels.

If you are looking for leads for your coaching business, you found the perfect person and team to help you do that. His team have generated almost $1 Million worth of Business for Coaching Businesses just like yours.

A good question to ask is “How do you find your ideal customers out of the 2.7 Billion people on Facebook?”.

As a Coach, you have a lot of things to take care and a lot of people to help change their business/life so don’t worry about it, it’s our job and we know how to do it.

Depending on what services/programs you are selling the only thing you will have to do is close the sales. If you have 1-1 Coaching Programs, they will make sure you have your schedule packed with potential customers.

They Specialize in:

✅ Facebook Advertisings
✅ Retargeting Campaigns (The money is in the follow up)
✅ High Converting Funnels
✅ Persuasive Copywriting
✅Google PPC
✅Press Release


In today’s episode he discusses: Two Tips To Run A Successful Marketing Campaign

Website: https://www.coachesconsulting.com/

How To Quickly Get Your Business To The Top Of Search Engines And Be Found

Thomas Bibby Varghese is a trusted business advisor who has over a decade of experience as a business consultant with several fortune 500 companies prior to founding eBizUniverse. He is regularly sought out by entrepreneurs and business leaders for his digital expertise both in the public and private sector, and is frequently quoted in several media outlets for his digital insights. Thomas is also actively involved in the community helping several non-profit organizations. In today’s episode he discuss: How to quickly get your business to the top of search engines and be found.

Website: https://www.ebizuniverse.com/

The Number One Way To Start And Grow An Online Business

Dr. Destini Copp is a marketing consultant with more than 25 years of experience in marketing and online education. A multi-passionate entrepreneur, she makes it her mission to help coaches, consultants and experts succeed in online marketing and growing their online course business. In today’s episode she discusses: The number one way to start and grow an online business

Website: https://destinicopp.com/

Video Content And The Number One Thing You Should Consider For Success

Joshua Giuliani  work with digital marketers who want to rapidly grow their business to 6-figures. He shows them how to implement the MONEY Method template in their business, which makes it possible to build a personal brand, generate more leads than ever before and close more sales than they thought possible.

He also train entrepreneurs and business owners in the art of ethical sales, mindfulness and social media. In today’s episode he discuss: The number one thing you need to consider about video content. 

Website:  https://joshuagiuliani.com/grow

The Number One Thing You Should Do To Create A Strong Personal Brand On LinkedIn

Viveka Von Rosen is a Cofounder and Chief Visibility Officer at Vengreso, the largest provider of full spectrum digital sales transformation solutions. Known as the @LinkedInExpert, she’s author of the best-selling LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day & LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand She is a contributing expert to LinkedIn’s official Sales and Marketing blogs and their “Sophisticated Marketer’s” Guides, and is often called on to contribute to publications like Fast Company, Forbes, Money, Selling Power, Entrepreneur, Social Media Examiner, etc. Viveka takes the LinkedIn and social selling experience over the past 12 years and transforms it into engaging and informational digital sales strategies, tactics, and tools including personal branding, social selling training, and content for sales. In today’s episode she discuss: The number one thing you should do to create a strong personal brand on linkedin

Website: https://vengreso.com/

Three Practical Tips To Help You Generate More Local Leads

Bobby Crossland leads a team of digital marketing consultants for a Google premier partner company. His company Revlocal is one of the best on the planet at helping Small businesses with their online marketing.  In today’s episode he discusses: Three practical tips to help you generate more local leads


Linkedin Contact: Bobby Crossland

How Owning Your Brand Can Give You The Biggest ROI

Tahera Hasan works with Brands and helps take them go to the next level one step at a time. In today’s episode she discusses: How owning your brand can give you the biggest ROI.

Website: https://brandinginpajamas.com/