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How To Resolve Conflict Within Yourself And Begin To Grow

Dr. Cheryl White is an Educator, Coach, Journalist, and Entrepreneur. She is the Founder and CEO of  Conflict Coaches they are an advocate for the needy. She enjoy helping people understand how best to handle workplace, divorce and post-decree situations, community disputes, family disagreements,or business conflicts.  Dr. White believes in objectively using the three perspectives of creativity in conflict: PERSON, PROCESS, and PRODUCT.  In Today’s Episode she discuss: How to resolve conflict within yourself and begin to grow


The One Thing You Must Do To Influence Others

Abiud Montes is an inspirational speaker and has been speaking for over 28 years. He has delivered riveting messages to audiences all over the nation about leadership that motivates and inspires them that it’s not important to have followers but more important to create and develop other Leaders. Throughout his 30-year career in the United States Marine Corps, he has learned and shared about one of many topics to include Leadership Blind Spots.

Leadership blind spots are unproductive behaviors that are invisible to us but glaring to everyone else. Our behavioral blind spots create dire and unintended consequences: They corrupt decision-making, reduce our scope of awareness, create enemies, destroy careers, and sabotage business results. In good times blind spots are annoying and frustrating; in tough times they can be lethal. In today’s episode he discuss: The one thing you must do to influence others

Website: https://www.abiudmontes.com/

How Beginners Are Turning Their Passion Into Wealth

Colleen Brown-Chambers is the founder and CEO of G.E.I.N Transformational Enterprise. This G.E.I.N stands for Generating, Empowering, Impacting, Nations.  This is a self-development training company that creates self-development techniques both in the work arena and also on an individualistic approach to all aspects of a person’s life. In today’s episode she discuss: How Beginners are turning their passion into wealth

Website: https://geintransformational.com/

Soulful Success Mentor Tells Us Two Things She Wish She Knew Before Starting A Business

Ryann Watkin mission is to make a positive impact through passion-driven work and results. She is a lifelong learner who’s committed to personal development, education and inspiring others through sharing my story.

She believe happiness and success already live in each of us and with intentional living, we can create purpose-filled lives. “The Habit of Happy” is her current keynote in which she uncover the simplicity of adding happiness into our daily routines while teaching that each of us creates our reality through our thoughts and emotions. In today’s episode she shares: Two things she wish she knew before starting her business

Website: https://www.ryannwatkin.com/

How To Figure Out What Prospective Clients Need And Giving It To Them

Heather Hargrove is a coach and motivator at heart , Heather’s true passion is helping businesses improve their customer retention, devise engagement plans , implementing and executing on customer service systems, and developing employee programs that build a stronger corporate culture. In today’s episode she discuss: How to figure out what prospective clients need and giving it to them

Website: https://www.bygrove.com/

How To Earn Additional Streams Of Income By Tapping Into A Hidden Industry

D. Anthony Miles, is an entrepreneur, award-winning researcher, award-winning professor, statistician, legal expert witness, and best-selling author. Dr. Miles is a nationally known startup and marketing expert. He is also a forensic marketing expert. He has been featured on nationally syndicated media outlets such as: ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, NBC News, Huffington Post, Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Bloomberg Radio, Blog Talk Radio, WGN Radio in Chicago, iHeart Radio, YouTube, AM/FM Radio, and numerous others. ● He is CEO and Founder, of Miles Development Industries Corporation®, a consulting practice and venture capital firm.  In today’s episode he discuss: How to earn additional streams of income by tapping into a hidden industry.

Website: https://mdicorpventures.com/

Business Opportunities That Are Time Tested That Can Help Clients And Help You Earn A Living At The Same Time

Dr. Shamonia Wimberly became a Certified Life Coach and established her own business to equip, educate and impact lives.  She is the CEO and Founder of The Success Strategist, Inc. and is known as “Coach Mona”. The overall vision is to impart strategies in money management, credit and home-ownership. Dr. Wimberly developed a series of workshops titled “Your Financial Future Matters”.  Throughout her financial career as a manager and coach, she has assisted thousands of individuals achieve financial freedom and home ownership. In today’s episode she discuss business opportunities that are time tested that can help clients and help you earn a living at the same time



Dr. Shamonia Wimberly 


Learn What The CEO Of Haitian Who Blogs Have Done In Order To Bridge A Gap For Creatives And Entrepreneurs

Shirley Dorsainvil is a traveling entrepreneur based in Orlando, Florida. She serves as the Chief Executive Officer of online community Haitians Who Blog, an online space showcasing Haitian creatives and entrepreneurs while hosting networking events and workshops to encourage content creation and entrepreneurship in major cities where individuals of Haitian descent reside.  In This Episode Learn What she  does in order to bridge a gap for creatives and entrepreneurs.


Haitians Who Blog

Two Things To Learn From Entrepreneur Who Earns Contract With NBA After Failing Over Six Times

Rynette Upson Bush is an educator and speaker. After working for the school system for 17 years she decided to take the jump and start her own business.  She recently published a best selling book Put Your Mouth On It: Speak life to your next level of wealth, success, and happiness. In today’s episode we will discuss 2 Things to learn from her on her way to earning a contract with the NBA after failing over 6 times.



How To Leverage The Power Of Networking To Reach Endless Possibilities

Amare Amari is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully started multiple successful businesses. He believes that people think themselves into the situation they are in because of the information they are depositing within themselves. In Today’s episode he talks about how to leverage the power of networking to reach endless possibilities.