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Your MLM Product Why It’s Not Selling lEp.53

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Your MLM product or any product doesn’t sell because you are speaking to the wrong audience. I was speaking to a friend a few weeks ago who had just joined a business opportunity. His business opportunity was in the affiliate marketing niche. For numbers sake lets just say it cost about $400 dollars to join his opportunity. He had recently started having a conversation with someone who had been trying to make money through real-estate. His logic was that it cost much more money to make money in real-estate due to the start up cost. He went on to mention how it cost a lot less money to join the affiliate marketing opportunity. Because of this logic he was trying to convince this person to go from the real-estate opportunity to join his affiliate marketing opportunity. The convincing didn’t work and he was frustrating. I had a discussion with him to dissect what the issue was. I pointed out the concept of google and how google serves content to people based on their segment. When someone search how to make money via real-estate they are only served content specific to that subject. This same thing is true for when you are trying to sell someone. In most instances your prospects already have pre-determined desires, and your goal is to build on their desires and not try and create new ones.

An Easy Way To Generate MLM Leads Using Social Media lEp.52

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There is a proven method to generate mlm leads via social media. My lead generation method started offline. When I ran my dating website I spent a lot of time going to different night clubs for the purpose of trying to speak to as many people as possible. Since my dating website was about dating and dancing I figured I would find night clubs in my area and go out to as many of them as possible. My goal was to speak with people as they were entering and leaving the night club. I was using this method to try and generate sign ups for my dating website. Eventually I got tired of this method and wanted to use social media instead. So here I was using social media instead. My strategy was to find singles group and get to know people inside of those groups. I started to connect with different people and would push them to my dating website. i was still hustling just like I did outdoor just via online this time around. One day I thought to myself is there any easier way. Because I noticed i was using the same offline methods (chasing and begging people to join my dating website). I was constantly pushing people to join my website. Than I discovered a pull method, this is where I created a free guide. This free guide help my target audience solve a problem they were having. People who downloaded this guided was self identifying themselves as someone who is a good fit for my product. This was completely different from chasing people

The Ugly Truth About Buying MLM Leads lEp.51

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Buying MLM Leads is probably not the best option if you want to obtain quality leads. At some point of my business I wanted to grow up. I wanted to go from pitching random people to join my dating site to getting in front of qualified people who was looking for my service. I learned about the concept of email marketing and I wanted to give it a try. At the time I didn’t have an email list so I went about partnering with a company who had my ideal target market on their email list. I joined forces with a email marketing company who sold me leads. These leads were single people who was looking for a date. From what I understood All I had to do was send them an email and I would gain their attention and gain a sizable amount of signs up for my site. I recall being very excited when and sent out the first set of emails to these prospects. I wanted a few days and nothing, I didn’t generate not one sign up from these leads. I later learned that these people had provided their information to be in a drawing to win a free trip to Hawaii. Later on when I joined an mlm I was offered to buy some leads, and of course my answer was no based on past experience. Use this link to get the free video training

Get MLM Leads Without Bugging Friends And Family lEp.50

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Getting mlm leads without bugging friends and family is possible. I heard to learn this the hard way. I was talking to someone not to long ago who joined a new mlm company. He joined this mlm company for the following reasons, he got positive result from using the service, he wanted to generate some additional income, and plus he knew of others who could also benefit from using the service. After he joined the mlm he was very excited about presenting this opportunity to some family members who really needed this service. To his surprise none of the family members took advantage of this opportunity, although they really needed it. He expressed his confusion to me. He went to say how he doesn’t understand why these people said no to this opportunity when this can benefit them so much. I told him that I understand, I tried to generate leads from my friends and family as well. I quickly learned that they were not my best prospects. I also told him that his target customers does exist ant that he just has to producing the proper marketing content in order to draw them closer to him. You can access the lead generation video training here